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In Defense of Liberating Space

Today is #d17, the three month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Where November 17th (only two days after the dead of night and media blocked eviction of Liberty Square) saw the gathering of thousands in the street, today will see the re-occupation of Duarte Square.

Whether or not you agree or are educated about OWS… isn’t this poster fucking awesome? Their tag line – “We ask you on December 17th to assemble once more” – is so powerful. I’m looking forward to following the livetweets and livestream throughout the day, to see what they accomplish.

In the meantime, I’m posting this video about occupying space. Occupying =/= Camping. People are always bitching about how they don’t have the right to CAMP in physical spaces, why don’t they OCCUPY A JOB? It’s not about camping, it’s about liberating┬áspaces, for growing┬ácommunities, and for creating a place where people can come together and work outside of the narrative that has gone so horribly wrong. Enjoy.