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Person of the Year

It’s official. TIME magazine has named The Protester as the Person of the Year. Although TIME hasn’t quite been on the same page as the rest of the world — I’m looking at you, December 5th Issue — it seems like the people have spoken. I remember tweeting about this a week or so ago when I voted for the 99%. It was so exciting to see them in 3rd place. It was even more exciting to see that the 1% was almost at the very bottom.

My feelings towards the Occupy movement are often pulled in two directions. The biggest part of me wishes I was down there marching and believes that what they’re doing is absolutely right. At the same time, a small nagging part of my brain starts whispering “No one else gets to use those parks,” or “what happened to the people who lived in that home before it was foreclosed on.” But seeing that The Protester has been recognized as a symbol of change this year, as the biggest influence of 2011, is comforting. It means that although the mainstream media can refuse to report on big events like d12 and Occupy our Homes and call the protesters dirty hippies and the movement dead, when it comes down to listening to the public you can see what’s really going on. TIME asked the people and they responded loud and strong: The Protester.

Also, to all those motherfuckers out there who are saying that Occupy is full of dirty hippies, entitled college students, and bums looking for a handout, look this man in the eye:

Credit to Peter Hapak for TIME magazine

And say it again.

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